Dunedin Dining

Exotic flavours 

Dunedin offers a smorgasboard of tastes for even the pickiest of platters. One of New Zealand’s major ports, Port Otago, sits comfortably near Dunedin. This port has drawn international flavours to Dunedin for over 150 years.

Chow down some spicy deep friend squid at Golden Harvest’s a la carte and banquet menu. Stroll through Dunedin’s vibrant café scene, taking in a whiff of the sugary-sweet European scents. 

Restaurants to try

Dunedin also has fine dining and restaurant options for diners after a romantic night out or families wanting to create memories. 

Omrello’s Kitchen and Bar is a great choice for those wanting to pair a great meal with a cold beer. Omrello’s established itself as a craft-beer restaurant and has ran with this title ever since. It’s a pretty casual environment, perfect for families or friends.

For a fine dining experience visit Salt Restaurant at St Clair. Excellent presentation and perfectly crumbed Blue Cod make this restaurant worth the visit. 

Dunedin’s café culture

Indulge your sweet tooth or embrace the holiday feeling by going out for breakfast. Nothing says “treat yourself” quite like a freshly cooked eggs benedict for breakfast or dropping by a café for a smoothie. 

There are cafes spread throughout the city and often the best way to find one is to stroll the streets and look out for one that suits your tastes. In particular, stroll around The Octagon for an ample choice of cafes. 
Dunedin Dining
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